Our Pricing Structure

The pricing structure is based on the size of the property listed, not the price.

Charging a flat fee ultimately compromises the quality of their service. How can a 4000
square foot home command the same time and attention as a 15,000 square foot home? It’s simply not possible.

I charge a flat fee for properties up to a certain size, and increase the fee proportionately relative to square footage.
This pricing model allows me too:

• Maximize the coverage and quality of your media
• Tailor the package to your specific needs and interests
• Maintain exceptionally high standards no matter the size of the property
• Provide unrivalled attention to detail 

Photography and Virtual Tour

$175.00 + HST for properties up to 2,000 sq.ft

An Additional 0.08 cents per sq.ft. for properties beyond 2,000 sq.ft. (Call for a quote after 6,000 sq.ft)

Our HDR Real Estate Photography Coverage Includes:

• Unlimited HDR photographs of your property
• A personalized, fully branded Virtual Tour hosted on our fast servers and mobile compatible
• A brand-free, TREB – Compliant Virtual Tour (music provided upon request)
• Each Virtual Tour will contain an interactive property map
• Links to social network sites
• Web-Ready images ready to download
• Photographs and Virtual tour available next business day (on properties up to 2,000 sqft)

Booking requires a Visa or Mastercard. A $50 cancellation fee is applied for cancellations with less than
24 hour notice.

Brochures and Feature Sheets

Starting at $25.00 + HST and up

URLs for PDF of feature sheet available (upon request)

Brochures and Feature Sheets:

• Design of brochures and feature sheets are made with full bleed for printers
• Personalized colours and branding; logos, awards, photo, contact information
• Text can be provided at an extra cost based on provided bullet points – check ‘Extras’ below
• A low res PDF is sent to you for proofing before sending to our printer TPH (The Printing House) or a printer of your choice

‘Just Listed/Sold’ cards (double sided 6×9) $25

2 page  (1 page double sided) $25

4 page $50

8 page $75

8-16 page $125

16-32 page $200

If you have any special requests or would like to see samples just contact me and ask!


HD Video Tour

$175.00 + HST for properties up to 1,000 sq.ft

An Additional 0.08 cents per sq.ft for properties beyond 1,000 sq.ft. (0.05 cents after 4,000 sq.ft)

Our HD Video Tours Include:

• 5 to 10 minute High Definition (1080p) video of the entire property with music (duration varied by property size)
• Video distribution on company YouTube channel and/or your personal YouTube channel
• Video placed on Property’s Virtual Tour
• Branded and Non-Branded Virtual Tour Website hosted on our speedy servers
• Up to 72 hour turnaround depending on the property size

Booking requires a Visa or Mastercard. A $50 cancellation fee is applied for cancellations with less than a
24 hour notice.


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To complete your experience you may consider adding one of the following services (+HST) to your package:

• Daylight exterior photography/seasonal update $50.00
• Twilight exterior photography $75.00
• Daylight exterior HD Video starts at $125.00
• Agent on camera video introduction for HD videos $125.00
• Write up for feature sheets (1-5 paragraphs) $25.00 – $100.00
• Loading watermarked property photos to a social network such as Facebook $25.00


If you have any special requests that are not currently listed just contact me and ask!